Tree of Life Poetry Circle

The Tree of Life

I am an ancient Dreaming Tree,
Who dreams of tales once told to me.
My roots go down in history
Before they counted centuries.

The oldest tale that I can weave
Concerns Sir Adam's Lady Eve,
Who made the bold discovery
That sex controlled heredity.

She found out from some fruity tree
(Of no relation close to me!).
She shared this secret with her man
And that's when trouble soon began.

He fought his shame with sword and shield
Empowering Church and State to wield
The right to make whole Kingdoms yield
In battles fought upon this field.

So many lost, so many grieve;
I'm forced to stand and count.
I can't make like a man and leave
When horsemen start to mount!

My arms I throw to God's great skies
But can't reach Mother Earth.
If you can teach this lesson wise,
That joy my grief is worth.

    My favour carry in your tourneys:
    Speak with love on all your journeys.
    Teach your foe to be your friend,
    And fight for truth with ink and pen.

I'll be the paper that you need
To print these words for all to read.
Take life from me, and not from men;
From seeds of peace, I'll bloom again.

A Message from the Dreaming Tree
As written down by Emily
For Stargate's Worthy Baroness,
The Spring of XXVI A.S.

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