5200 Fannin #203
Houston, Texas 77004
Cherry Steinwender, Co-Director
Barbara Hacker, Co-Director
P.O. Box 27327
Houston, Texas 77277

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Tel/Fax: 713/520-RACE (8226) To volunteer: 713/462-0981

Newsletter submissions: (713)528-1965
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  • We have come together to try to learn about the disease of racism and promote a healing process.

  • Sharing is voluntary.

  • We want to create a safe, loving and respectful atmosphere.

  • Sharing is about one's own feelings, experiences, perceptions, etc.

  • We are not always going to agree or see everything the same way and that's O.K.

  • Each person has a right to and responsibility for his or her own feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.

  • It is important to avoid criticism or judgement about another person's sharing, point of view, and/or feelings.

  • Avoid getting tied up in debate and argument. It rarely changes anything or anyone and tends to ultimately inhibit the sharing.

  • We can only change ourselves. Our change and growth may, however, inspire someone else.

  • Refrain from singling out any individual as "representing" his or her group or issue.

  • It is important to give full attention to whomever is talking.

  • Feelings are important.

  • We will surely make mistakes in our efforts, but mistakes are occasions for learning and forgiving.

  • We may laugh and cry together, share pain, joy, fear, or anger.

  • Hopefully we will leave these meetings with a deeper understanding and a renewed hope for the future of humanity.

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