Brain Studies Prove Art Needed from Birth

By Diana Weeks, Founder of Arts Action,
Art on the News Like the Weather

As Founder of ARTS ACTION, I formed this not-for-profit in response to the brain studies proving that the sensory stimulation of art during the first three years of a baby's life is critical. Babies' brains must have art during the first three years to spark connections of learning pathways.

Without stimulation, these unconnected connections can dissolve. Without these vital early pathways . . . a child has no easy natural learning abilities for reading, thinking for herself or himself, or being resourceful.

The brain is for learning . . . similar to a computer . . . without very early sparks, it doesn't get wired. It's too late by the time a child starts school at six or even preschool at four . . . the natural easy way to learn connections are gone. Learning becomes a struggle. It takes a lot more time.

Because of the media mergers . . . based on greed and control . . . a very few top news "authorities" will decide what news the public needs to see. We must act now before the election . . . to get Uncle Sam to mandate, enforce, and fine . . . all electric media and force them to get art on the news like the weather. EVERY NEWSCAST.

News departments can take the time out of coverage of violence; and accept the responsibility for the fact that TV has created a society of young brain-power-deficient kids who can't read and who use violence to solve everyday problems. Poor children are suffering the most from our materialistic world TV has created by sending messages of "YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE IT" into our homes every 15 minutes for several generations.

Of course, people want things they don't need. Repetition has flooded their brains since birth. If a child is in a family that has not been exposed to art and arts' ability to help formulate solutions to problems . . . they do not look in the TV guide for art programs. They are trying to make a living, and both parents work.

Art must be on the news. It is the only surefire way to get into every home. No matter what station or program people may prefer . . . everyone has the TV or radio on for the news. A large portion of the people can't read or afford newspapers . . . who could use more art news.

Art news must be inclusive and on networks and local stations . . . all stations. ARTS ACTION does not insist that the art news segments be long . . . three minutes would be enough to start. The segment would not be celebrity stuff . . . movies, Broadway . . . but live grassroots . . . low-cost performances, interviews of young artists who can be role models who can spark interest with their passion for their art.

The type of art doesn't matter . . . Kids need to know: Why do dancers dance? How to paint on cardboard boxes. How to make a solar oven if the lights get turned off.

Educators have been concerned about American kids not being able to learn to read . . . Now we know why. We must BELIEVE our scientists when they tell us art is necessary from birth. Kids can't learn to read . . . because in their first three years their natural pathways to learning can dissolve if they don't get connected.

The American Red Cross did not believe the researchers when they proved AIDS was carried in the blood. Many people were infected and died. We didn't believe doctors when they said tobacco could harm us. Greed . . . money, money, more greed is killing the spirit that founded our nation. Our resourcefulness is vanishing in our poor.

We need smarter, wiser people to compete with the world, or our country will be conquered, our freedoms taken away, our poor unable to dream the American dream. The American dream of everyone having a chance at success . . . is becoming a nightmare. America's babies will be slaves to the rich and used for hte gain of others . . . they are left out of the race to pride and success . . . before they are old enough to cross a street alone.

Radio and television are the only common denominator we have . . . the primary information source . . . Television is giving babies information they don't need . . . about crimes and police chases, thus denying future generations the ability to think creatively for themselves.

Our world is so complex, we must ensure that every household has art in the atmosphere FROM BIRTH. Babies must be exposed to creativity in all forms. Our babies msut be armed with a fully-wired brain . . . We can't just keep building prisons for these unwired brain-disabled people.

Fortunately, the root of the problem . . . a need for early art stimulation . . . is solvable. All babies can be exposed to art . . . by covering art on the news.

Articles about the brain studies have appeared in Newsweek, Time, and other publications. The results are no secret. One of the brain researchers is here in Houston, Dr. Bruce Perry. I used him in the Kids Art TV show I produced that won three awards, two national . . . and in the Public Service Announcements I produced about the connection between art and childhood mental development . . . which stations may show at 4 a.m., since the government deregulated PSA time requirements.

The stations are not going to volunteer to spend money covering art. But if we can get everyone on the web you can reach to e-mail their request for "Art on the News like the Weather" at 4:00 p.m. every day . . . I believe we could get their attention . . . The media was a big part of causing the problem . . . mass materialism that puts "things" first . . . now they can help solve the problem and lift society to a more peaceful era.

This is truly a "save the world" situation. We must begin to face up to this dilemma.

Please give me a call at 713/523-2802 on joining this campaign, or revising this statement, which is a first draft.

I sincerely appreciate your help!

Diana Weeks, Founder, ARTS ACTION
Art on the News Like the Weather

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