to Anteniecia from Dad

Where are you dad and why did you go away?
I've asked God in prayer
to please let you come back to me someday.

They told me you were bad,
and had to be sent away.
But God answered my prayers
and told me you would be back one day.

When my friends and other children ask me,
where is your dad today?
I have no other choice but to tell them,
they took my dad away.

Who took your dad away? they ask
and are you telling us a lie?
They don't understand, Dad,
and it only makes me cry.

So please, please, dad, come back to me,
for I really do need you so!
I love you so very much, Dad,
and this I want you to know.

Well, Dad, I've been waiting for months now
and I still believe what God said will come true!
So please understand that I'm here, Dad,
and always will be here waiting for you.

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