No thank you

Can be sung to "Kinda I want to" by NIN
- for Daron and Olivia -

(and anyone who's ever felt like Jesus in the Garden!)
If you have a burden that you would like to give up
through healing prayer and deliverance, please call
Olivia at 713/829-0899. No faith required - just ask!

"Jesus Praying in the Garden" - Oil on canvas - Dorothy Walker
One of twenty-one works of art displayed in 'Stations of the Cross' exhibition
at Broomhill Trinity Church Hall, Glasgow, during Easter 2001.
Stations of the Cross is a visual presentation of the Easter Story.
Click here to view the Exhibition at

	I have a gift for healing mindless rage
	And walking timeless souls through any age
	But when selfish pride invades my space
	I wish some other fool would take my place

		I know I should be Christian
		And share my love of wisdom
		But why would I want to
		Be the Buddha they run to

	By grace, I take collective hurt and pain
	And turn it into peaceful words again
	I speak the truth to set the people free
	So why do they keep coming back to me

		And I know I should be noble
		In a world that's full of trouble
		But when did I wish to
		Be anyone's Vishnu
		A Saint on the dashboard
		Not what I asked Lord
	[rant: I'm almost sad I became		[optional verses:
	As a child in your name			I think my mobile phone
	Cuz now they use me as proof			must be possessed
	The only Savior is you			When demons cry all night
	Explained it so many times			I get no rest
	The meaning of your sacrifice		Those who don't accept
	They test me again and again			the gift of Christ
	It's just a question of when		Cling to me to be
	They finally choose to believe			their source of light
	The answer is you and not me			
	If this is Enlightenment, Christ		And I know I should be humble
	Can't think what hell must be like		And help when others stumble
	Please take this cup I don't want		But why would I want to
	So I can sleep for just once		Be the Buddha they run to
	Come back and lead all your sheep	Some magical Guru
	So I can go back to sleep . . .]		Everyone turns to]

		Lord help me
		How can I carry this cross
		For every soul that is lost
		No, I don't really need this
		Please give it to Jesus

	No thank you -
	Can't save you -
	I'm no Vishnu -
	Don't wish to - be the Buddha you grasp for
	A Saint on the dashbord - Last thing I'd ask for
	I'm no magical Shaman - Not Mary or Quan Am
	No mystical Guru - for people to turn to
	Don't want to - be the Buddha you run to
	I really don't need this - it's making me sleepless
	Please give it to Jesus - don't rip me to pieces
	Can't save you -
	No thank you
-- Church and State: Fractured
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