TODAY'S QUIZ: What IS "Proportional Representation" ?

(A) A euphemism that people use in personal ads to describe their dimensions.
(B) Political term for when votes in Congress actually reflect public opinion.
(C) An alternative means of electing representatives since (B) never happens.
(D) Gosh, I don't know. Can I have a hint? --> Preview of PR
(E) Huh? What are the choices again?

Your choices as a voter are limited by the predominant two-party system by which the "winner takes all", thus squeezing third parties out of the race. Under PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION, however, instead of having just one representative per district, there are multi-member districts whereby each party or group receives a number of seats PROPORTIONATE to the percentage of votes received.

For more information, see How PR Works (e-mail: Douglas Amy) or Illinois Citizens for Proportional Representation (e-mail: ICPR) or Center for Voting and Democracy.

Here are two other helpful sites for getting your voice heard: or Whether you prefer your representation direct or indirect, equal or proportional -- or you'd rather have no government at all -- here's a song to that effect, as well:

To the tune of "Fifty Ways to Leave your Lover" by Paul Simon (?)
(or maybe I'm thinking of the Illinois Senator -- click here)

Politics is just a front to hide reality.
The road to freedom also leads to anarchy.
From eastern communism to democracy,
There must be
A million ways to run a country,
A billion ways to run the country!

Why build a habitat for inhumanity?
Why not have equal power or "isocracy"?
It takes all types to build a sane society,
There must be
Several ways to run a country,
Better ways to run the country:

(1) Like join a Girl Scout troop,
(2) Start a nonprofit group,
(3) Call up a talk show, and let the world know.
(4) Chat on a B-B-S,
(5) Say yes to a free press!
(6) Speak out with your own voice, don't limit your choice.

The Constitution spells out free and equal rights.
Why have elections if they'll only make us fight?
Can we seek justice based on truth instead of might?
There must be
Better ways to run a country!
Better ways to run a country:

(7) Like start a wild dance troupe,
(8) Invent a 12-step group,
(9) Play on the radio, put on a live show.
(10) Get on the Internet,
(11) Petition the Government!
Nobody can circumvent
Your right to consent.

(12) Start a Boy Scout troop,
(13) Form a new prayer group,
(14) Write your own TV show (and broadcast it low)
(15) Jump on the Internet and e-mail the President!
Nobody can circumvent
Your right to say no.

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