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Part of the body (singular):
Noun (plural):
Preposition (2-syllable) like "below":
Verb (ending in -s) like "chants":
Number between 1 and 99:
Noun (3-syllables):
Playground equipment:
Verb (no -s) like "eat":
Verb (ending in -s) like "chants":
Abstract/Collective Noun ("food"):
Adjective (used in "The Raven"):
Verb (3-syllables) (no "-s"):
Adjective (2-syllables):
Noun (plural):
Colorful Adjective (2-syllables):
Foreign Country or Leader:
Noun (plural):
Number between 0-10:
Verb (ending in -s) like "chants":
Verb (ending in -s) like "chants":

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