A Resolution

Listen to the Cries of the Children
National Campaign 2000

A non-profit, non-denominational organization, Hear O' Israel International, Inc. developed its Listen to the Cries of the Children National Campaign to strengthen the unity of families and to enhance public awareness of the negative effects that alcohol and drug abuse, family violence, child abuse, and gang activity have on children and their families. The campaign has heard the cries of the children and parents, young and old, who are crying out due to neglect; physical challenges; broken homes; or lack of adequate food, shelter, clothing, and health care. The Listen to the Cries of the Children National Campaign 2000 will promote "wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and forgiveness that will break them out of their prisons, visible or invisible."

As part of its ongoing effort to help the suffering, Hear O' Israel International, Inc., has conducted community-oriented programs, campaigning with former gang members who were shot and, after becoming quadriplegic, are presenting themselves as physical evidence to the negative consequences of gang involvement and experimentation with drugs and alcohol. As a part of this year's campaign, Hear O' Israel International, Inc. will call for ten seconds of silence at noon C.S.T. every day throughout the year 2000, in an effort to bridge cultural boundaries and to unify a response to hear and Listen to the Cries of the Children and to "stop violence and have mercy, love and compassion for our fellow man; to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers; linking and strengthening the connection that should be present between every parent and child in America and all around the world."

The Mayor and the City Council of the City of Houston do hereby salute Hear O' Israel International, Inc. for its efforts to improve and to enhance the quality of life for our children, and extend best wishes for continued success.

Approved by the Mayor and City Council of the City of Houston this 11th day of May, 2000, A.D.

Lee P. Brown
Mayor Lee P. Brown
City of Houston

Bruce Tatro
Council Member Bruce Tatro
District A

Carol M. Galloway
Council Member Carol Mims Galloway
District B

Mark Goldberg
Council Member Mark Goldberg
District C

Jew Don Boney
Council Member Jew Don Boney, Jr.
District D

Rob Todd
Council Member Rob Todd
District E

Mark Ellis
Council Member Mark Ellis
District F

Bert Keller
Council Member Bert Keller
District G

Gabriel Vasquez
Council Member Gabriel Vasquez
District H

John E. Castillo
Council Member John Castillo
District I

Annise Parker
Council Member Annise D. Parker
At-Large Position 1

Gordon Quan
Council Member Gordon Quan
At-Large Position 2

Orlando Sanchez
Council Member Orlando Sanchez
At-Large Position 3

Chris Bell
Council Member Chris Bell
At-Large Position 4

Carroll G. Robinson
Council Member Carroll G. Robinson
At-Large Position 5

Anna Russell
City Secretary, Anna Russell

Listen to the Cries of the Children
Testimony of John Gable, Campaign Chair
Hear O' Israel International, Inc.
Houston Progressive Webzine

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