Listen to the Cries of the Children

A Division of Hear O' Israel International, Inc.

A National Campaign on Congressional record in Washington, D.C.

Testimonial by John Gable, Campaign Chair, who invites you to join the National Campaign 2000 and the Power of Ten Network

To answer the needs of the poverty sector in Houston with love and compassion, HEAR O' ISRAEL INTERNATIONAL, in partnership with LAUNCH IT POINT COMMUNITY CENTERS, JUNIOR ACHIEVERS, and THE FOURTH WARD HEALTH AND EDUCATIONAL CENTER FOR YOUTH, hereby calls for all those who have long suffered from poverty, abuse, neglect, and illness to come forward and claim your rightful inheritance of love, comfort, peace, and joy.

In support of Houston's faithful volunteers and tireless laborers, HEAR O' ISRAEL continues its National Campaign for Mercy, Love, and Compassion, inviting Mayor Brown and Houston City Council, and charitable organizations such as the above listed nonprofits, to join.

Our goal is to collect matching resources including direct donations of vehicles, houses, and building materials until we meet every need, heal every sickness, and comfort all the suffering in Houston, from the widows to the fatherless children, from the hungry and homeless to the elderly and physically challenged.

If you know of special people in your community who need our assistance, or who always spend every last dime and every minute of their time helping the less fortunate, come join our campaign. We welcome all.

We call upon the poor and meek, the elderly and helpless, and all children, parents, and families suffering from abuse and strain, to come forth and seek comfort. Help us to put our efforts together until all are fed, clothed, housed, and healed.

We ask your help to meet the needs of the following community service providers:

HEAR O' ISRAEL		Vehicles for transporting the physically challenged
LAUNCH POINT CENTER	Buildings to renovate as community centers
FOURTH WARD YOUTH	Houses for volunteer families and youth center
JUNIOR ACHIEVERS	Computer with fax, printer, and Internet access

Join the national campaign to LISTEN TO THE CRIES OF THE CHILDREN, as an individual or in partnership with any church ministry, civic association, or nonprofit charity of your choice, in honor of the few faithful servants working in every community.

Invest in community volunteers who LISTEN TO THE CRIES OF THE CHILDREN with MERCY, LOVE, and COMPASSION.

To donate funds or matching resources to continue this campaign, please contact Olivia Reiner at 713-840-1777, Hear O' Israel Int'l Inc., P.O. Box 711348, Houston, TX 77271. Email: Personal testimony of Campaign Chair, John Gable.

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