John lives to see the day a million young people walk away from drugs, crime, and trouble. You can help by asking ten friends to walk away, too! Here's what you can do:

Form a team of 10-12 people. Post your testimonies online similar to John's Testimonial. For free webpages, see the list of websites at the bottom of this page. For free help to put together your webpages, testimonies, and photos, call Emily and leave a message at 713/867-5998 or John at 713/729-5721. (To copy the graphic design sets for your pages, see notes on graphics below.) On each page in the network, link ten more friends at the bottom (using the "blank" button with their names) who have their testimonies on a webpage. Six levels means "10 to the 6th power" which is a million people. That means you've helped the "Power of Ten" network to reach this goal!

Think about your own goals as an individual, and as a team. Would you like to form your own web design company or to record a CD? Would you like to renovate an old building in your neighborhood as a student center or music studio? Write a letter to your Congressperson about funds to improve your school or community. John is collecting 1,000,000 letters from students like you to send to Congress in April, as part of the Million Youth March. Link your letters to your "Power of Ten" network. Instructions will be posted later on how and where to send your letters to Congress as part of this youth campaign!

Join us for a ten-second moment of silence every day at noon, to reaffirm your goals in addressing the needs you see among your friends, parents, teachers, and community. See the mission statement and Resolution for the National Campaign 2000. You may adopt these statements, or write your own! What would you like your team to focus on during your ten seconds of silence?

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Questions or Suggestions?
Contact: John Gable, Campaign Chair, 713/729-5721 or Emily Nghiem [NYIM], Arts & Literacy volunteer, 713/867-5998.

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Walk with John. Walk away from trouble.

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