Fourth Ward Health and Educational Center for Youth, Inc. 1415 Taft Street, Houston, Texas 77019 (713)524-2857


Dear Property Owners and Landlords:

As the founding director of the nonprofit Fourth Ward Center for Youth, Inc., I am writing to you requesting help for our youth to acquire property and housing in [the] Freedmen's Town/ Fourth Ward area, in fulfillment of the Youth Master Plan that they have put together. Over the past 8 years or so, our young volunteers have envisioned and developed a plan to improve the conditions in our historic neighborhood, and have presented it to local, state, and federal officials, as well as to the general public at Scout Fairs in 1995 and 1996.

Having served local youth and their families for 27 years without funding, we have made our best effort to lift one another out of poverty with the few resources we had. However, we can no longer afford to go on without facilities for our growing youth activities and community services.

Thus, our nonprofit organization is requesting tax-deductible donations of land, buildings, and material resources for all the following volunteer activities and needs that we serve:

  • Adequate office and activity space for local Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Explorer Scouts operations and equipment

  • Building for the Homework Club and Literacy Training until a school campus and student center is built in Fourth Ward

  • Facilities for the Fourth Ward Youth Baseball and Softball Association and Park Advisory Councils

  • Space for a library, including a reference room for Work Experience Opportunities and Projects

  • Storage site for equipment, such as lawn care and maintenance, for proper upkeep of the neighborhood

  • Housing for our 40 or so volunteer/low-income families with the Fourth Ward Health and Educational Center for Youth, Inc. and many other worthwhile community projects and services.

    We are also open to other suggestions, such as a children's day-care and cultural art activity center. Please contact me if you are able to donate or sell property at a fair price, in order to help our youth [to] meet their goals of greater human, economic, and affordable housing development in the area.

    Thank you for your consideration, Darrell J. Patterson

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