We, the undersigned representatives of the Fourth Ward Health
and Educational Center for Youth, Inc., Fourth Ward Park Advisory
Council, and the Fourth Ward Youth Baseball and Softball Association
hereby take a public stand for greater human, economic, and housing
development in our neighborhood, as follows: 

I.	Whereas Jefferson Davis Hospital and its surroundings are the
cornerstone of African American history in Houston, and whereas our
African American ancestors had original ownership of that property, we
hereby claim the right to acquire ownership as active members of the
African American and Freedmens Town community, and as concerned
citizens of the City of Houston,

II.A.  	We ask city, state, and federal authorities to recognize the
Youth Master Plan, as presented by our local Troop #132 of the Boy
Scouts of America, S.H.A.C., Edward Patterson, Sr. Patrol Leader. This
vision of Fourth Ward development, put together by neighborhood youth,
includes the following:

*	A 9th-12th grade high school, community college, student
	center, and ball park

*	The local library and fire station to be re-opened

*	The hospital building to be used for medical research and
	treatment, including community services and drug and
	alcohol rehabilitation and recovery

*	New business opportunities for residents; job training and

*	Preservation of existing housing stock and other historical
	sites in this area

*	New construction where needed as led by residents of Fourth

II.B.	We also ask the public to recognize the community of Freedmens
Town as a national center of African American history and culture in
Houston, in supporting these additional goals:

*	Restoration of all 1,000 units at Allen Parkway Village, in
	reserving all 37 acres for resident-managed public housing
	and campus development

*	Foundation of an African American museum led by Fourth Ward

*	Equal recognition of similar efforts in all neighborhoods

III.	Whereas both our youth and adult volunteers with the Fourth
Ward Health and Educational Center for Youth, Inc., have strived for
self-empowerment in lifting ourselves and our neighbors out of poverty
with little assistance from local, state, or federal agencies, we
openly ask support from public officials at all levels of government in
forming new partnerships to fulfill our goals in human development,
economic independence, and affordable and accessible housing.

	Mack M. Merritt				Darrell J. Patterson
	 (713)529-9563				    (713)524-2857
	* Fourth Ward Health and Educational Center for Youth, Inc.
   	  1415 Taft Street, Houston, TX 77019        (713)524-2857
	* Fourth Ward Youth Baseball and Softball Association
	* Park Advisory Councils at San Felipe Park (Allen Parkway Park
   	  System), Wiley Park (Fourth Ward Oaks Place Park), 
   	  Gregory-Lincoln Sparks Park (Wharton Sparks Park)
	* Local Chapter of Kids For A Clean Environment
E N D O R S E M E N T S  include:

* Gladys Marie House, President
Freedmen's Town Association and Community Development Corporation

* Sandra Massie Hines, Founder
Junior Achievers

* Ivory Mayhorn, Executive Director
Launch Point Center,

* Emily Nghiem, Houston Progressive Webzine

* Rev. Dewayne Lark, Harris County Council of Organizations

* Barbara J. Faircloth, Fourth Ward Pathfinders

* James R. Richard, Community Leader

* Reynaud Thibodeaux, Forward Times/KCOH


I hereby endorse the Fourth Ward Youth Master Plan:

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PRINTED NAME:		___________________________________________

ORGANIZATION/TITLE:	___________________________________________

ADDRESS/ZIP CODE:	___________________________________________

TEL/FAX/E-MAIL:		___________________________________________

Please sign and return this completed form to:

The Fourth Ward Health and Educational Center for Youth, Inc.

1415 Taft Street, Houston, TX 77019	tel/fax: (713)521-1315   Darrell J. Patterson, Executive Director


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