Houston Progressive Online is a community website for journalists, activists, and artists with a message to share with the public. Co-Founder Tom Tolson is active with the Alliance for Democracy and the Houston Greens whose Candidate for Governor, Susan Lee Solar works to remove nuclear waste sites from Texas associated with HL&P and other sources. (See also www.main.org/greens and www.politicalnet.com/susansolar/.)
Co-Editor Emily Nghiem is an overgrown Girl Scout who wants to teach the world to sing and dance and paperfold Japanese peace cranes. She is still transcribing petitions gathered at a rally in Fourth Ward, including a call to save the gravesites at APV (and a campaign to raise funds for a children's community center through the African Overseas Union in honor of Maya Angelou). To support Fourth Ward residents in these efforts, please contact: Lenwood Johnson at 228-2109 or email: apv1@ev1.net, or Darrell Patterson at 521-1315 or email: fourthwardyouth@ev1.net. For reports on the U.N. petition, contact: Pam Rooney at 838-1695, or see www.libertynet.org/kwru.
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To meet with the Greater Houston Alliance for Democracy, contact David Cobb at 880-3219. For FREE Internet access, visit Greater Houston Free-Net or call (713) 968-5878 [msg] or (713) 966-1234 [modem]. Pass the word!