Hymn for Haiti

Who will listen to the children, Little ones who barely speak? When they pray to God in Heaven, Who will bless the poor and meek?

Who will bathe the Haitian children, When the water's filled with waste?

Who will house the homeless children, From their motherland displaced?

Who will feed them, who will clothe them, Like the lilies in the field? With their aching bellies swollen, Who will nurse them till they're healed?

Mama Pat, who's sent by Jesus, All the children know her name! When she sings, they know she loves them, Though she speaks a language strange.

She will feed them, she will clothe them, Like the lilies in the fields. Though she credits God in Heaven, Her loving hands prepare their meals.

When they cry for fear and hunger, She will kiss each blistered cheek. Mama Pat, who's sent by Jesus, Brings a blessing to the meek.

Your prayers and support are needed
for Pat to continue her ministries!
Please contact her at:

fseh.marlene@compa.net, tel: 011-509-46-0036 (c/o Marlene) 011-509-46-0057 (c/o Pastor Joe)

NOTE: Pat's most urgent request is to find a company to donate a truck, which is cheaper to pay $3,000 to ship in, rather than to purchase in Haiti. All food supplies are cheaper to buy there than to pay shipping and receivership costs.

$125 - will feed the people she serves on Sundays a meal of rice and beans $500 - will buy a nice Christmas dinner for the group with meat and tea $1250 - will keep the children fed for a month (147 out of a group of 900)

To wire donations by Moneygram: {Mailing address for letters only} FSEH - Pat Hackney {FSEH - Pat Hackney} Delmas 33 Rue Lebrun #4 {c/o LYNX AIR} P.O. Box 13235 {P.O. Box 407139} Port-au-Prince, Haiti {Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33340}

Please help!
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