A Haiku
"Trees do make a sound
Whether you are there or not
Silence can be good"

-- Tanzy Lopez, Mausoleum --

HOUSTON International POETRY Fest / HIP 4 Peace

HOUSTON Spoken Words

Blowin' Up A Spot Film & Poetry Festival
HOUSTON * AUSTIN April 27-30, 2006 * SAN ANTONIO
* Updated: AUSTIN May 26-29, 2011 * malisite.org

Wednesdays, 10pm
at Helios (formerly Mausoleum)
411 Westheimer at Taft

MORE FREE SPEECH: Open Mic Standup Comedy
Laff Stop (W. Gray) Monday nights till 2am. Sign-up 6:30-7pm. Free admission!

("Yeshua" tree designed by a member of Congregation for Messiah Jesus, Sharpstown Baptist Church)

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Painting by Richard Sockey

RIVER OF WORDS sponsors annual student art and poetry awards (this year's theme: WATERSHEDS). CIRCLE OF LIFE FOUNDATION invites aspiring student "bioneers" for a conference: October 2001. Houston Progressive seeks art to be featured in music videos on saving the earth's rivers, oceans, forests, and other natural habitats. Poetry, lyrics, and illustrations may be submitted to Houston Progressive to link to this page (see below). Multi-lingual and multi-media art are encouraged!

TO CONTRIBUTE: Write any poem in the following three categories:

  • THE TREE OF LIFE - Nature poems and haikus, student or part-time writers
    NEW: Fossils Oak Poem Butterfly Ginger Space Poem Particle Theory Nature Corine, On Color

  • THE BOOK OF LIFE - Educators and professional writers, personal memorials or tributes
    Heroes in Heaven For Tessa Arthur Y2K Poem Child's Prayer Pieta 9 Prayers Earthly Spirits Ogoniland On Faith Afghani Women * I'm a Civilian * Make this War Go Away Abelard & Heloise Adam & Eve Birds & Bees

  • SONGS OF LIFE - Lyrical poets, musicians, rap/spoken word, multi-media work with Blowin' Up A Spot!
    Ocean & Forest Song Kool B NEW: No thank you My True Love (interactive lyrics) Sonnets & Songs
    Ode to Shakespeare Resurrection Words for MLK Hymn for Haiti Kiwi Song Redwood Songbook

    and send it with your pen name/address(es) to:
    emilynghiem@hotmail.com or emilynghiem@yahoo.com

    or to: P.O. Box 981101 Houston TX 77098
    (include SASE for mailed entries to be returned)

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    To self-publish your writings or music for sale:
    ISBN# available for $35 to be listed on amazon.com
    Requires editing PDF files in Adobe

    For selling art and custom made designs, try:

    Ideas for other writing projects to promote
    cultural and computer literacy are welcomed!

    For additional assistance in setting up your own
    webpage or e-mail or Internet account, please contact:

    Web Poetry Editor Emily Nghiem
    at 713/867-5998 (24-hour voice mail)
    or at emilynghiem@hotmail.com

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