If Virtue had an image
I'm sure it would be you
I'm but a stained glass window
Meant to be looked into
But you're a finer vintage
To be looked through
Through and through

And when I look what do I see
A glimpse of what I ought to be
A soul untouched by bias
Of beauty in the highest
So humble and so pious
Of perfect clarity


One look at you and I regret
My stains of purple, gold, and red
Painful patterns so refined
They wake the heart
And stir the mind
Yet I would leave them all behind
To stand up there with you
In silent solitude

You bear no scars that I can see
I wear mine like a tapestry
We'd match if you could mirror me
But only from across the room
And never side by side
Piety next to pity
Prayer next to pride


As I renounce all that I am
The lion bows before the lamb
Satan now repents to God
And cruel tyrants spare the rod
Mercy kills what hate cannot
Destroying every evil thought
Where once before I fiercely fought
I now submit to you
In willful servitude

So take my stained glass panels
Arrange them as you please
To tell the story of God's glory
Bringing angels to their knees.

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