This poem was based on a dream I had about fragrance, of all things! A Butterfly Ginger is a flower that is very pungent and aromatic, and mostly grown in the Hawaiian Islands or the Carribean, but many good gardeners are able to grow these here in Houston, such as a close friend of mine.


I dreamed of exotic smells as I slept one humid autumn night.
It filled my senses with soft sounds of gentle rain and faint thunder, 1001........1002.......1003 miles away.

I drifted as a feather caught in a lingering wavy breeze to a place where beauty lay lush,......but, the aroma more so.

The perfumed air became delightfully intoxicating, and I found myself tumbling mid-air as in momentary free flight on a trampoline,.....only, in slow motion.

I remember seeing the colors of bright orange and yellow, those giant hybiscus large enough to sit upon like softly cushioned down that felt of velvety pollen,....... and cool slick satin.

I awoke after having spent many sensual hours basking in a heavenly scent,....looking for for each breath,.....more so than the last.

I tried to return to my erotic dream-state amid my tossed and twisted covers, only to realize I had a night of unique sensation.

What had happened? My friend had given to me a lovely Butterfly Ginger flower from a magical garden,....magical because it filled my senses with delight!

I had placed it on my crowded bedside table, and as my eyes grew heavy, the perfumed air permeated my thoughts, and........aroused my senses.

Moral: Quality dreams are as special as caring and beloved friends.

-- Melinda English

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