Houston Coalition for Headwaters

12211 Drakemill Drive
Houston, TX 77077

* Mission Statement *

Headwaters Forest is the largest and last stand of unprotected ancient redwood wilderness in the entire world. It is located in northern California and is critical habitat for many endangered species that are only found in the temperate rainforests of this region. The forest is currently owned by Maxxam Corporation of Houston, Texas, and is being liquidated at an unacceptable rate that is causing irreparable damage to the greater ecosystem. As members of the Houston Coalition for Headwaters, we are demanding that a sustainable plan be implemented immediately, for the forest's future preservation. Included in these demands is that Maxxam Corporation halt all logging operations in the controversial areas until the conflict is resolved, and that the Clinton administration work to protect all 60,000 acres through full enforcement of the Endangered Species Act. These measures are the only way to insure the health of this fragile and disappearing ecosystem.