Thenjiwe Mtintso

Deputy Secretary General of the African National Congress

Contacts for Information on Thenjiwe's U.S. Tour:
Houston (July 6-11) - Nora Dwyer at 713/528-1817
El Paso (July 12-13) - Michael Wyatt at 915/544-4421
San Francisco (July 14-16) - Riva Enteen at 415/285-5067

THENJIWE MTINTSO - A Brief Biography

THENJIWE MTINTSO, the daughter of a domestic worker and a trade unionist, grew up in Soweto, South Africa. Because of financial problems, she left formal education at an early age, and completed schooling through part-time study at Fort Hare University while working in various factories.

As an activist in the Black Consciousness Movement and close associate of Steve Biko, THENJIWE was expelled from the university for political activities. She then was subjected to several detentions and banning orders during the 70s while working as a political organizer and as a journalist for the Daily Dispatch.

After being severely tortured by the South African police, THENJIWE went into political exile in 1978. During her exile, she held numerous leadership positions in the political and military structures of the African National Congress, including Chief Botswana. THENJIWE's battles on behalf of her troops -- protecting their human rights, correcting administrative flaws in the MK's command structures, and guiding them through the painful political negotiations to end apartheid -- won her the undying loyalty of hardened soldiers.

In 1992, THENJIWE returned to South Africa to participate in the negotiation process under CODESA, and sat on the Transitional Executive Council. In 1994 she was elected to Parliament, and in 1997 was appointed Chairperson on the Commission on Gender Equality. In April 1998, she accepted the position of ANC's Deputy Secretary General, where recent duties have focused on reforming South Africa's defense forces.

A South African Community Party Central Committee member and one of the country's foremost gender activists, THENJIWE MTINTSO has defied the odds to become the only woman in the ANC's uppermost structure.

The National Lawyers Guild, the Irish Unity Committee, and Project Row Houses invite you to attend these events on THENJIWE MTINTSO's U.S. Tour through Houston:


Project Row Houses, (713)526-7662
2500 Holman Ave., Houston, Texas 77004

A collaborative effort with FOTOFEST INTERNATIONAL, the PHOTO EXHIBIT captures the sense of community of the YOUNG MOTHERS' RESIDENTIAL PROJECT - PROJECT ROW HOUSES and the FIFTH WARD ENRICHMENT PROGRAM. Equipment generously donated by CANON and FUJI FILM.

DATES: July 8 through 12
PROJECT ROW HOUSES: 2500 Holman Avenue
For more information, call 713/526-5067.


Multicultural Education and Counseling through the Arts
1900 Kane Street, Houston, Texas 77007 Tel: 713/802-9370

7 PM - CROSS-CULTURAL COMMUNITY SOCIAL hosted by the Multicultural Education and Counseling through the Arts (MECA) and Kuumba House Dance Theatre.

TIME: 7:00 p.m., Friday, July 9, 1999
M.E.C.A.: 1900 Kane Street, near Silver
(former Dow Elementary School Building)

RECEPTION and LECTURE: Saturday, July 10

5 PM - RECEPTION to honor BENEVA WILLIAMS NYAMU, and other activists involved in Houston's anti-apartheid movement. Hosted by UH's African American Studies Program at the University of Houston Hilton Hotel (main campus, entrance #1 off Calhoun, across from the University Center).

7 PM - LECTURE entitled "The Struggle Continues" presented by THENJIWE MTINTSO. Houston Room, University Center, University of Houston (main campus, entrance #1 off Calhoun). Hosted by the IRISH UNITY COMMITTEE, NATIONAL LAWYERS GUILD, NAACP - UH CHAPTER, and UH's WOMEN'S STUDIES PROGRAM.

RECEPTION: 5:00 p.m., UH Hilton Hotel
LECTURE: 7:00 p.m., Univerity Center, Houston Room.

For more information or to receive e-mail updates, contact: Houston organizer Nora Dwyer at 713/528-1817, c/o the Irish Unity Committee.

If your organization would like to share a table for literature on women's issues or on Freedmen's Town, contact: Amazon Xociety at 713/731-0251, or e-mail Bernadine Williams at

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