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June 13, 1999




Local Artist Receives Award for the 4th Ward Mural Project

Through a new initiative for the arts via the Mayor's office, artist REGINALD ADAMS receives a $10,000 grant to produce public artwork for the 4th Ward Mural Project. This award is the second this year for the mural projects Adams has developed through ArtworkZ, a public art organization that he co-founded with his wife and artistic partner RHONDA ADAMS.

The CULTURAL ARTS COUNCIL OF HOUSTON/HARRIS COUNTY and the CITY OF HOUSTON have shown Adams strong support for his public art projects that encompass art, cultural education, neighborhood revitalization, and community collaborations. [See Adams' letter to CACHH Grants Director KAREN WHITE, giving the artist's overview of the project and its objectives.]

The mural project evolved from dialogues with 4th Ward residents, local artists, and concerned citizens regarding the cultural landscape of Houston's historic 4th Ward, a.k.a. FREEDMEN'S TOWN. This public art project will memorialize historical aspects of FREEDMEN'S TOWN with a tiled-mosaic mural depicting the movement and concerns of a vanishing community. [See sketches and photos of the Mural in progress and the final color design, as well as the artists in action!]

GREGORY LINCOLN ACADEMY, located at 1011 Taft, will serve as the site for the community mural. Neighborhood residents, business owners, and community leaders will join together with a team of artists to design and construct a 1,000 square foot work of art. The color, line, and form of the mosaic mural will be created using broken tile, colored glass, ceramics, and other miscellaneous stoneware. This innovative mural project, which involves young artists, serves as an excellent educational tool to teach them the value of the world, their community, their homes, and themselves constructively. The youth participants are exposed to professional techniques, skills, and opportunities including grantwriting, design/development of tile mosaic murals, art funding strategies, marketing, and entrepreneurship training. This project juxtaposes art with youth energy, community support, educational initiatives, and economic empowerment plans to improve the quality of lives for the residents in Houston's 4th Ward. [See Fourth Ward Index for the plans and wishlist of neighborhood youth and residents.]

This project has been made possible through the generous support of DAL-TILE CORPORATION, BOBBIT GLASS, KCOH RADIO STATION, PROJECT ROW HOUSES, GREGORY LINCOLN ACADEMY, and many individual supporters. The project is funded in part by grants from the CITY OF HOUSTON and the TEXAS COMMISSION ON THE ARTS through the CULTURAL ARTS COUNCIL OF HOUSTON/HARRIS COUNTY.

For more information regarding current projects, please call REGINALD ADAMS of ArtworkZ at 713/526-6862 or e-mail: reginaldadams@hotmail.com. Click below for information on the following:

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