For the stand-up comics who hang out at Open Mic Night Every Monday at the Laff Stop 7:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. (sign-up at 6:45 p.m.)

(to the tune of "Mambo Number Five" by Lou Bega *sample midi music file* from the "Stuart Little" soundtrack)
(Spoken Intro) Ladies and Gentlemen: This is Laff Stop Open Mic Hey! You! It's Monday night Everybody stand up for open mic We got amateurs, for five minutes (And folks who just wanna show off and go over da limit!) Same fools that were here last week Admission's free - and drinks are cheap We got Vickie, Danny, Martin, and Scott You can hear us out - in the parking lot This ain't poetry - it's group therapy You know comedy - IS the best remedy Comic relief - from social ills and hangups So send in the standups: Give it up for Slim - who makes me laugh A little bit of Sean - breaks me in half A little bit of Jennifer's attitude A little bit of Sara's - just too cute A little bit of Robin gets my vote And then Melissa Nichols gets my goat When Tommy hits the stage - it's all mayhem From seven thirty straight till two a. m. Laff Stop Open Mic! Walk up to the bar Drop your name in the jar When they call it out loud Grab the list - write it down Trade spots if you like When you're called to the mic Watch for the light They'll be flashing it twice Once real quick - then right in your eyes When you stop - if they applaud You're doing it right! A little bit of Marty hits me right And boy I wanna party with Scott White A leetle Francochela-makes my head spin A little Danny Rios does me in Let's give it up for Diechman's comic art A little bit of Vickie pops my tart A little bit of Brian, Bob, and Ben They rock this place - live till two a. m. Let's hear it for Mark Babbitt And all the standup comics at Laff Stop Open Mic! A little bit of Dori makes me roar And Corey's got me rollin' on da floor A little bit of Mike - I'm black and blue A little bit of Gustav - he's a hoot A little bit of Joanie makes me dance Matt Kirsch and Mister Mowbray split my pants J-Fred and Henry Phillips make me sing A little bit of Rob tops everything I wait - all week long To come down here Just to sing my song for the standup comics that I like Monday night at open mic !
Come out to Laff Stop Open Mic Comedy Night: Mondays, 7:30 p.m. - 2 a.m. Free Admission, Cheap Drinks (not required, but they sure help!)
For the next Brassy Broads Show or Bosco's Comedy Show, Check the schedule at or call 713/524-2333
Support local comics in producing a comedy show for Public Access or local radio broadcast! Contact: Tyler Esser, H.P. Productions: 281-894-4903 or Emily Nghiem, Educere, 713/465-0522

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