From police and prisons to mother-gay relationships, Ray Hill comes out in a new way to tell the fascinating story of his life -- as one of the city's most notorious activists.

Here's what critics say about Ray:

"Ray Hill's dramatic dialogue creates a vivid picture of a world most of us hope to never experience. Hill's play is a powerful Odyssey."
Elroy Forbes, Forbes Report

"A powerful tour de force!"
Annise Parker, Houston City Council

"An insight to the social structue of prison life as vivid as a documentary . . ."
Phil Smith, Audience member

"Best one-man show"
Houston Press

"Ray has a oneness with his audience who hang suspended by his every word"
Carl E. Jordan, Audience member

"Hill keeps his audience spellbound. This show is not to be missed!"
Joey Berner, Houston's Other Newsweekly


4202 Garrott, Suite 4, Houston TX 77006

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