"Freedmen's Town"

Inspired by "Allentown" by Billy Joel
(Click to start Music, courtesy of Billy Joel Webring.)

I'm a volunteer in Freedmen's Town
Where they tore the county hospital down
	Older neighbors forced to separate
		Die from the heartbreak
			Of moving away

There were soldiers from the Civil War
Buried here, but not anymore
	With the working poor and former slaves,
		Their history remains,
			But not in their graves

It's a racket here in Freedmen's Town
With every court ruling they've handed down,
		Taking land by eminent do-main . . .

We're still waiting here in Freedmen's Town
For Civil Rights our leaders expound
	Like Dr. King who once had a dream
		Our children would know
			What it means to be free

Free to suffer under government
By corruption, instead of consent
	No, we had to teach ourselves to read
		The federal laws
			That no one will heed

Where's the justice here in Freedmen's Town

		Are we afraid to let America see
			The architecture of Black history?
		Are we not equal? Does freedom depend
			If we own land, or we're still - paying rent?

Redevelopers in Freedmen's Town
Tear our streets up and houses down
	Where's the public housing built for the vets?
		How many of them
			Are still homeless yet?

It's a struggle here in Freedmen's Town
Where the Camp Logan riots went down
		And the battle rages on to-day . . .

So I'm asking everyone to pray
For the Nation and land to be saved
		For the people down in Freedmen's Town.

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