"Land Grab in Freedmen's Town"

To the tune of "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown"

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In the Fourth Ward here in Houston	
On the west side of downtown		
	Lies 80 blocks	
	Of prime real estate lots		
In a place called Freedmen's Town	

The Freed Slaves built the neighborhood
That was condemned as "urban blight"
	Their land was taken away
	By eminent domain
To build apartments for the whites

		It was a land - grab - in Freedmen's Town
		Tearing National History down
		Cuz you can't fight City Hall
		When developers make the calls

Now LaGuarta - he's a developer		
Who headed Houston Renaissance		
	Mayor Bob Lanier			
	Put that man in there			
To get 'im anything he wants		

They trashed the most historic homes
Then they claimed that they're in debt
	They spent millions of dollars
	On affordable houses
But we haven't seen one yet!

		Cuz it's a land - grab - in Freedmen's Town
		Where deals are made and handed down
		To the puppets at City Hall
		While developers have a ball

We've asked through City Council,		
Garnet Coleman, and the Press	
	To pay back those grants		
	So we can buy the land		
To build a campus and fix this mess! 		

Does it take an act of Congress
To keep Freedmen's Town alive?
	Just call the Mayor up --
	Extension twenty-two hundred
Or the fax: two, three, five, five*

		And let's all - call - the Mayor now
		To stop the land grab in Freedmen's Town
		Why sit around City Hall
		While historic houses fall?

		Yeah, let's all - call - the Mayor Now
		And stop destruction of Freedmen's Town
		Why sit around City Hall
		While developers take it all?
		Why sit around City Hall
		And let developers take us all?

* Mayor's Office: (713)247-2200
Mayor's Fax Line: (713)247-2355

Please support historic plans to restore Freedmen's Town national district as a model campus
for sustainable jobs in Vet housing, health care, and social service training: freedmenstown.com
fulfilling White House initiatives for Veteran housing and job assistance,
the Executive Order for Excellence in African American Education, and the Youth Business Plan for Fourth Ward: http://www.houstonprogressive.org/4dyouthresolution.html

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