Dove Song
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Buddha had a bird who bounced around the cage,
Golden bars held him back, like Music on a page.
When Buddha ran away, he let the Birdie go,
For the rich palace walls could not contain his Soul.

Fly Birdie, fly Birdie, take to your Wings,
Away from the world of material things.
Release Love and Peace through miraculous Song,
And one day Heaven and Earth will see us all get along.

		Jesus had a Dove, who rose above the cage,
		But she climbed back inside to read the funny page.
		When Jesus gave his Life, he set the Birdie free
		Who found the Buddha weeping beneath the Bodhi Tree:

Why do you cry, Buddha? Hop on My wings,
I'll show you a World full of wonderful things.
There will be no more suffering of all Living Things,
Just let it go, and you'll know you've got the World at your Wings.

		Wisdom is Dove, Religion but a cage,
		Golden bars keep the Laws recorded on the page.
		When you find the Truth and set your Spirit free,
		You may not be in Church, but perched beneath a Tree.

(c) Kevin & Emily
    1996 - 1999

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