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Who provides media literacy training to the community at large? Who equips the community with electronic print and visual communication instruction as we cross the threshold into the new millennium? Sunchildren, even though we obtain 65% of information from visual images and 15% from print media, most of these images and literature are totally irrelevant to our daily lives and our experiences. Who is training the community at large to take on issues of identity and combat the subliminal and often extremist notions that pervade our culture? The immensity of media in terms of social identity and representation is historically unprecedented. It is imperative that we facilitate counter-activity to fight the increasingly deep penetration of stereotypes in the world's culture. In our sexually diversified and multicultural society, issues of identity are of great significance. What is at stake is our relationship with each other and with our future community. Whether or not we are connecting with each other -- whether or not our creative energy is one that can deliver us to a greater humanity -- will determine our evolutionary paths.

Blowin' Up A Spot! Media Arts Group seeks multi-disciplinary media artists to join our collective. We are a grassroots media collective that specializes in creating training opportunities for generally under-utilized technical specialists, talent, and community constituents. We provide the outlet for the production of community television/radio programming, media literacy education workshops, media resource referral services, poetry performances/publications,and lectures. The primary support service that Blowin' Up A Spot! Media Arts Group provides is regional community programming that the collective creates. This programming will give the maximum amount of creative exposure and informational support to all wy'mn, at-risk youth/adults, non-profit organizations, language/visual artists, and community constituents who are typically excluded by the mainstream media. Blowin' Up A Spot! Media Arts Group is committed to bringing unique media arts experiences to the widest audience possible. Our special project enables us to network with youth, community constituents, and community organizations who have little or no access to media technology. Through workshops, anthologies, and exhibitions on public television, our video magazine (Blowin' Up A Spot!) and our poetry publication (Poet On Watch) aim to promote the views and hopes of the community at large.

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